Grey is… not a color nor a feeling
Grey is… happiness
Grey is… a memory
Grey is.. a life
you… Black
& me… White

Grey is… is an online slice-of-life manga that revolves around humans’ heart & mind bond, presented through the eyes of two guys, Black who is all heart and White who is all mind, on their journey to obtain inner peace.

Each with his own kinds of struggles; child abuse, abandonment, death, misunderstanding but also, friendship, love, peace and family. Together, they try daily to live, love, fight, understand, survive and break free from their past and present through to a brighter future.

“Grey is… is the life that nobody wants to live but the bond that everyone craves.”

The first sketches and ideas for Grey is… were sketched in Spring 2010 and in 30th November of that year, the pilot chapter was released. It is created, drawn and written by dee Juusan.



What is “Grey is…” ?
“Grey is…” is a slice-of-life web manga written and illustrated by dee Juusan.
The story tells the story of Black and White who have been together since they were 8 years old, going through daily life events and struggles together, rarely apart.

Who are Black and White?
They are best friends and companions. I can’t really label them; coz they share rather a very close relationship. Something like what Aristotle said; “What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” Note: Black is the one in white attire and White is the one in the black attire.

Is it BL/Yaoi?

Where does the story takes place?
No real place. It is inspired of course from my country; Jordan, my neighborhood to be specific, although I modified the place to my preference. You can say it’s a place that combines all the places I’ve visited through my life so far.

When does the story take place?
Present time, It starts in 2010.

What inspired “Grey is…”?
The idea of “Grey is…” was inspired from all the observing/reading/analyzing I do about people’s psychology through this life; may it be on TV, a story I heard from a total stranger or a random thought shared between friends and/or within family. I am fascinated to no end by the power of humans’ minds and hearts and all the connections, struggles and adventures a person can have through both. Struggles people go through in life; relationships, death, finding inner peace, forgiveness, changing, goodbyes, etc. and how a person deal with it has always been an inspiring thing for me to write about. The above is the main focus and general idea of what “Grey is…” is. Coz in the end; all struggles seem so difficult to face for its grey undefined feeling we have about them.

When are the updates?
Every Saturday and Wednesday. Usually two pages per update and sometimes more depending on the scene it’s being updated.

How long is this story?
It is long. The plan (after dividing the plot into chapters) is 100 chapters (plus/minus). It contains a lot of monologues and flashbacks. It’s going to take time even though the timeline in the story isn’t that long, but to concentrate on feelings, relationships and the psychological side of the story, panels, inside-thoughts and slow presentation is much needed.

What’s the best way to read it?
I write and draw the story chapter by chapter. It’s best to read it that way, by chapter. But I made polls about updates and around 46% voted for updates by pages, so I’m offering both options. Feel free to choose whatever method you prefer; by pages, chapters or volumes.

Are fanarts allowed?
Yes of course. Thank you I’d like to see it!