2 thoughts on “Chapter 09: Page 37”

  1. … am I? i feel like if someone is happy that person doesn’t need me
    so if someone is always alone and look kinda left behind i wanna be near that person and make them happy am i wrong then?

    1. I think what this meant, in regards to “wrong”, is that it’s unhealthy. Having to deal with my own problems is enough, but I become often hypocritical when it comes to regarding someone going through nearly the same, because it’s stressful.

      Taking care of someone who refuses to acknowledge their own problems, or to seek professional help, is draining. When you take on the role to watch over them, or help them, at a near constant, you start to break under the pressure, and the paranoia that something bad’s just around the corner.

      Your act of kindness may seem meaningful, but with people like Black for example, who is acknowledging (yet forgetting) his upbringing, and is breaking apart under bad bouts if depression; his unwillingness to seek professional help means that he depends on White too much. One wrong step, and everything falls apart, including ones own personal life.

      So putting yourself in that position, without seeking out better options, means sacrificing a lot of yourself, including your mental stability.

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